Born and raised in the heart of New York City, Phebe is a DFW-based voice actress and content creator. She prioritizes her skills in animation, video game and education. On top of her voice over career, Phebe is a casting director for many remote voice over projects, as well as a production leader and honors drama student throughout her high school career, receiving awards of excellence for her passion of the arts.

As a voice actress, Phebe has made a name for herself as a skilled and energetic industry professional with an indispensable passion for her craft. With 4 years’ of professional experience working in the voice over industry, Phebe has learned the skills in leadership, teamwork, and organization. With deep industry knowledge, coupled with an analytical and detail-oriented approach, Phebe is equipped to understand the needs of the most discerning characters and scripts, delivering an experience rooted in creativity, authenticity, and expertise. Her talent shines along with her eagerness to satisfy, with her voicing abounding amounts of characters in her career.

Phebe’s strong personal and professional skills make her a keen advocate for the roles she plays, proactively seeking out new ways to enhance her services and to continually attain excellence, with audience satisfaction the ultimate objective. Amongst her roles, some of her key competencies include bubbly female love interests, passive-aggressive high schoolers and shy antisocial-social butterflies.

Phebe’s love for excitement and trying new things has made her the lively person she is best known to be and is ready to take on daring activities, unafraid of challenges.While in character, Phebe always brings her best self to the task with a positive attitude in order to get things done.

Microphone: Neumann TLM102, Lewitt 440 PURE

Interface: SSL2

DAWs: Adobe Audition, Audacity

Delivery Methods: Discord, Email, Google Drive, Dropbox

File Type: mp3, wav (48000hz, 32 bit-float)